European Fall Tour


From the UK, to Holland, to Sweden, to Belgium, we have had an amazing time bringing American rock and roll overseas! Now we’re in Spain and ready to melt faces in this beautiful country for a couple of weeks.

Click the link above to hear our radio feature on El Sótano 3 in Madrid! Can’t wait to see everyone on our Spain tour. 11 shows in 12 days. Let’s rock!
27 November – Loco Club – Valencia – 22:00
28 November – Apolo 2 – Barcelona – 24:00
29 November – Ciudad Real – Tomelloso – 22:00
30 November – BoogaClub – Granada – 22:00
1 December – La Cochlear Cabaret – Málaga – 17:30
3 December – El Sol – Madrid – 22:00
4 December – Escenario Santander – Santander – 21:00
5 December – Auditorio Bastero – Andoain – 22:00
6 December – Purple Festival – León – 21:00
7 December – Kafe Antzokia – Bilbao – 21:30
8 December – Sala Acapulco – Gijón – 23:00

Soot Magazine Interview

Check out this interview from Soot Magazine based in Australia! Can’t wait to play there in April 2014!!!

Credit to Frank de Blase Photography

Credit to Frank de Blase Photography


Hailing from Durham, North Carolina, R&B and rock’n’roll sister Nikki Hill brings all that Deep South soul Bluesfest next year. Before hitting the “land of AC/DC”, Hill tackles our Press Play feature and learns the word “tipple”. Interview by Angela Allan


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Review – The Alternate Root

As the world of entertainment marketing tried to compartmentalize music into carefully constructed borders that housed pure versions of rock, soul and country, the shrinking left a lot more room for many musicians to breathe. Nothing beats telling an artist what they should do for great big spurts of creativity born of revenge. Bands are setting things right by ignoring genre boundaries and few have taken advantage of the lack of borders better than Nikki Hill. Here’s Nikki Hill is pure in its ability live to in a world where soul and rock are one family.

Here’s Nikki Hill is guitar driven soul. A three piece backs Nikki Hill with Matt Hill (guitar), Ed Strohsahl (bass) and Joe Meyer (drums) providing the sound track for eight originals and two covers including a smokin’ version of Barbara George’s “I Know” that probably sounds closer to its own New Orleans dance band origins than the Poppier hit. Nikki Hill shouts out to the night “Gotta Find My Baby” trying to re-capture the fool of a man that left her at home. The dial switches to a bright light that casts Ms. Hill in the harsh glare of a jealous woman with an eye for what is belongs at home in “Her Destination”. The album stands at the edge looking down (“Right on the Brink”), hitches a ride with a beefy sax (“Strapped to the Beat”) and falls to its knees with the pain of loss and the inspiration to get you back up (“Hymn for Hard Luck”). Nikki Hill gives the Jim Glaser/Texas Tornadoes hits “Who Were You Thinking Of?” a ska makeover.

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