Nikki Hill – “(Let Me Tell You Bout) LUV” (audio) (premiere)

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When you have a powerful Southern soul singer with a penchant for AC/DC, you know you’re going to get something badass.

The emergence of Brittany Howard has served as a very welcome reminder that African American women can absolutely slay at blue-collar rock ‘n’ roll, and one good thing that can come of it is that it could very well serve as a gateway for other young artists to make their mark, too. Raised in North Carolina and based in New Orleans, Nikki Hill channels Muscle Shoals-era Rolling Stones on her scorching tune “(Let Me Tell You Bout) LUV”, which is from her new album Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists, which comes out on 16 October. A Southern soul belter who loves a good riff and bawdy lyrics, her primary influences are Little Richard and Bon Scott, and you feel it on this track. This is a talent not to be ignored. Hell, she packs so much power, she’ll never let you.
“I did some good get-it-out-and-let-it-go writing for my second record,” she says. “And those came one after the other for some reason. LUV was a deep breath for me after digging into the sadder moments I’ve had with love. That inspired me to write it with the influence of a pure attitude rock ‘n’ roll song, because that’s how that music makes me feel, alive and just better about everything! The song is still about love, and it’s still a bit moody in the message, but it’s a bit more of a playful take on how stupid love can make you feel and act, ‘if you can stand a little shame’. With serious groove!”